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Produce a Professional Company Brochure with these 5 Top Tips

Using a company brochure as a marketing method for your business is not only a good idea but a GREAT one. Its wide use as a successful technique for promotion and marketing has been used by businesses for decades.

Many businesses have created good looking leaflets and pamphlets for publicity, which may have brought an increase in sales short term, but there are only a few companies that have cracked the code of producing a killer company brochure that can potentially skyrocket their profits and company profile.

Although it sounds promising, it’s not easy to design and produce a professional looking company brochure. It requires thought, planning, creativity, experience and knowledge. If you are serious about marketing your business with the aid of a new company brochure, we would not recommend you trying to design once yourself.

But as food for thought, here are some basic, yet crucial, tips for designing and new company brochure that will benefit your business:

1) Know its purpose
A good starting point when creating a company brochure is to know its purpose. What are you wanting to you the brochure for? Will you be handing them out freely or will they be kept back for the warmest of leads and introductions? What do you think the content should be? In fact, this can be achieved by conducting a simple survey asking for opinions from your current clients and customers; What would they like to see in your new company brochure? The collected data will shed light on what content your company brochure should contain. This data may also form a basis for future press ad and marketing campaigns.

Other than conducting a survey, getting an idea of the purpose of the brochure can also be achieved by analysis and thorough thinking. A good question to ask would be – what impression do I want my clients or customers after looking at my brochure? What goals do I want to attain in making this brochure? If both questions can be answered, then you will have a good grasp of the things to include in the brochure.

2) High resolution images
Although commonly forgotten, high-resolution images are crucial for producing a quality and professional company brochure. The use of quality imagery in your company brochure is important because people are now used to high-definition smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. This may seem like common sense but we still see many brochures and catalogues that use low resolution images taken from websites. This can be pretty embarrassing, and essentially makes your company or business look very unprofessional.

3) Limit font usage
Another important area to focus on when creating a professionally looking company brochure is the use of fonts. Although it may be enticing to use different font styles to produce a fun and unique look, it’s not advisable. This is because using different fonts can make a brochure disorganised, unprofessional-looking, gimmicky, and somewhat childish.

To achieve a quality designed company brochure, at most two fonts should be used (but not in all instances). The use of highlighting techniques such as the use of italics, bold, and larger font size is encouraged as a replacement for the use of different font styles as means of doing the same.

4) Use of colour
Careful use of colour is very important when designing a new company brochure for your business – too many colors could mean that the brochure may be displeasing to the eye whereas a lack of color could leave the brochure looking bland or ordinary.

The human eye is drawn to beautiful colours and colour combinations so it’s always a good idea to design something that’s eye-catching yet informative. Make sure that the content is still legible and does not ‘fight’ against the colours or imagery used within the design.
If you have a brand guidelines document or are aware of your corporate colour palette then this would be a good place to start when thinking of which colours to use in within you new company brochure design.

5) Make it simple
When it comes to designing a new company brochure that stands out from your competitors there is a golden rule to follow; don’t give all of the information away!

A simple design, a few carefully chosen images and ‘adequate’ text that explains the basics should be enough. A simple design always seems more elegant compared to brochures filled with lots of text and unnecessary image decorations. Not only that but you want the brochures recipient to be enticed by the content and contact you for more. With this in mind, the rule of “less is more” should be followed.

You don’t want your new, beautiful company brochure to fall down at the last hurdle, so proof-read and proof-read again. The last thing a brochure needs is poor grammar and incorrect spelling.

It will give a bad impression of your company to distribute a poorly written brochure. Potential clients or customers may think that you don’t appreciate the little things, the attention to detail that sets you apart from your competitors.

Remember that it can be very costly for amendments to be made so proof read and proof read again. It could pay to have another member of your company to double check too as two pairs of eyes are better than one.


Alternatively, you could simply call in the experts!

As award winning, green printers of West Sussex we are totally dedicated to producing top quality jobs all the time, every time. Our state of the art technology and creative design team, combined with our dedication to customer service, ensures that we deliver the best business printing at an excellent price every time.

Contact us if you would like a new Company Brochure, professionally designed and printed to boost your business profile and help you to stand head and shoulders above your competitors. Call now on 01403 216120 or email info@foundry-press.co.uk