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Foundry Press > Blog > Printed Marketing Material – Is it REALLY Dead?

Printed Marketing Material - Is it REALLY Dead?

Guest Blog by Matt Bennett of BlueFlameDesign

The possibilities for small businesses and their printed marketing material has gone through the roof thanks to the power of the internet. However, unlike video killing the radio star, the internet has not squashed the need for printed marketing material. Printed marketing material is still a huge factor and major part of small business marketing, but may only be relevant if it is revamped and adapted to the internet age.

There are a couple of reasons why printed marketing material is still valuable – the first being that people respond to tangible objects. Being able to hold something in their hands makes it more real to them. It also helps them to build a connection with you, your business and your business brand. The second is that printed marketing material such as business cards and postcards are easy to file away, or placed where the client will come across them again, such as a their desk drawer, pin board or file. Emails are quite the opposite as they are easy to close and delete without reading or can be intercepted by spam folder before you get the chance to view it.

Even if there is an intention to go back to the email later, they get buried under other incoming messages which usually means ‘out of sight out of mind’. Not only that by why would you not want to target ALL potential customers and not limit yourself to those who are tech savvy? Concentrating all of your marketing efforts online overlooks potential clients who may not sit in front of their computer every hour of the day or may not be able to navigate the web efficiently.

However, just because printed marketing material is not dead, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be revamped to have more impact. It is important that your printed marketing material is up to date and works alongside your online marketing efforts.

Here are five ways to ensure both your printed marketing material and online marketing efforts are looking sharp:

1. Be Consistent – Create a cohesive and consistent look between your website, social media channels and printed marketing material. The color scheme of your printed marketing material should match the colors of your website and your logo should be the same throughout. Do not use an older logo on your printed material just because it is easier or because the printer already has it on file. Your audience should be able to look at your printed marketing material and make a connection with your company website and vice versa.

2. Make Your Printed Marketing Material Eye Catching – Use a professional design agency such as BlueFlameDesign to design something that grabs people’s attention. Remember that you are sending out printed marketing material to wow your audience and draw in new business and more clients. So make sure it isn’t bland or boring. It needs to be eye catching, easy to read, have a clear call to action and a clean layout so that all the information is seen, read and digested. Distributing well designed printed marketing material shows people that your company is not only professional but also modern and up to date.

3. Include Your Web Presence On Printed Marketing Material – Make sure you say follow us on Twitter and LIKE us Facebook. Include the link to your blog and website! A simple phrase such as “For more info visit us on…” will do the trick. The goal is to get your audience as engaged as possible. You might initially connect with them via print materials but have opportunities of future and more consistent engagement by encouraging them to connect with you on social media. You can even make your print a little more interactive with the use of QR Codes.

4. Utilise Coupons – Include a printed coupon or voucher for promotions and discounts, but also let them know where they can get the coupon online so they can share with friends! Again this would be the perfect opportunity to use QR Codes within your printed marketing material. If you opt for having the vouchers printed then this gives people something tangible and you can use the reverse side of the voucher or coupon to promote further offers or give information of your company. People love freebies so coupons work wonders. Make sure that the coupons are designed well and look professional. There’s nothing worse then receiving a cheap and tacky looking coupon! It will make the offer seem cheap as well as the service or product you are wanting to promote. 

5. Easy Mailing Sign Up – Have a place on your website where people can sign up for printed mailings as well as emails. Some people prefer to have items mailed to them the old fashion way – and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you provide both it is a little extra effort on your part but it shows that you care about serving your customers in whatever capacity they are most comfortable with and that goes a long way.

Are you combining your printed marketing material with your online presence? If not then we suggest you contact us now!