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Easy to Achieve Marketing Ideas to Help Printers Prosper

At Foundry Press we like to think of ourselves as part of our clients’ teams. We take pride in what we produce and will always offer our expertise and guidance so that the best possible results are achieved.

So with the expertise and guidance we have achieved over the years, we thought that we would share a couple of points that have helped us to become the favoured, award winning, green printers in West Sussex.

Try at least four of these ideas for six months and see what happens. These ideas and tactics are not just for companies in the print industry either. Try them for your business too and see what happens. Feel free to use the comments box at the end of this article to return your feedback, we’d love to hear what results you achieved.

Printed Newsletter
Your ability to retain customers has the greatest impact on growing sales. An informative company newsletter is one of the best ways to make that happen. It has long been proven: Skip print, results go down. Use print, results go up. Print is taken seriously and breaks through barriers where e-media can’t. That’s why a printed company newsletter is critical for customer retention. It is also effective at creating demand for your services through education and, perhaps more importantly, promoting your brand as a thought leader. Remember that ‘content is king’ and it’s great to share knowledge. So try producing a printed newsletter for your company and aim for distribution at least once every 90 days.

Remember that there are benefits of having your company newsletter in electronic format too. This could be as a page turning PDF embedded on your website, a downloadable PDF through a link on your website or as a simple optimised PDF suitable in file size for emailing to prospect customers.

Email Newsletter
If producing a printed newsletter isn’t achievable, producing an email newsletter should definitely be a consideration. Opt for less content (around 375 words would be optimum to keep the reader engaged) and remember to follow best practices. Use a third-party secured sender for distribution and add a sign up form on your website to help grow your audience. Remember to post the content to your company website, maybe through your blog, as well as through your social media channels. Monthly or bi-monthly should be your target distribution frequency and be mindful that with spam filtering, not all of your emails will reach their intended recipients. That’s why a printed newsletter should be part of the mix.

Start a Blog
Good, fresh content will generate strong SEO for your company website. Blog content doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to be loaded with key words. Make it relevant to your audience and the SEO will happen organically. Once a week? Perhaps every two weeks? Even a monthly update will generate results. Aside from the SEO benefits, good website content has a very positive effect on your brand and will help you gain a strong online presence.

Not sure on what to write or post? Well this is where a company newsletter can really come in to play as part of your marketing strategy. If you produce an email newsletter then a neat trick to keep consistency is to write a short excerpt on a subject for the newsletter that links back to the full story on your blog. This will increase the hit rate on your website blog for those interested in your posts, whilst those who may not be can simply skim past the newsletter article on to the next.

Another avenue to explore for fresh content for your blog is to invite guest bloggers to write for you. Foundry Press are lucky to work alongside some very reputable companies and one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is a very knowledgable, local design and marketing consultancy named BlueFlameDesign. They have helped with writing numerous posts for us in the past and we are thankful to them for guiding us in building and establishing our online presence.

Social Media
Quite simply, customers now expect this. If you’re not embracing social media or updating it regularly then you can create a competitive disadvantage for your company. Social media allows you to connect with your audience in a more personable manner. It allows you to monitor your brands reputation, share knowledge and advice in real time and promote your business as the experts in your field. This helps foster trust and so people will actually start turning to you for advice.

Your social media activities will affect your SEO too and you shouldn’t ignore this. Use keywords to help raise your profile and always try to link back to your website where possible.

So what social media channels should you embrace? In short we would advise having business pages set up and active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

If you are wanting to connect to the Foundry Press social media channels then please use the links below:

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Direct Mail
Create a direct mail campaign and distribute it to a targeted list. Use a list source so that you’re reaching out beyond just your in-house lists. Consider rolling this out on a weekly or monthly basis. We have all of the necessary experience and equipment to manage your direct mail campaigns. Creative design, print management, quality printing and print finishing, mail-merge, post and distribution – we can take care of it all!

Write a letter
Yes, it’s old school and you don’t see this often, which is one reason why you should do it. The other reason is that it’s an easy and personable way to help foster trust and credibility. Talk about recent success stories (mini case studies), community and charitable involvement, and other information that is relevant to the recipient such as USPS rate increases or new regulations. Don’t forget to always include your business card, your latest newsletter edition or possibly  your company brochure.

Have a Plan
Planning is critical. If you want successful results, you will need to create a plan and commit to executing it. Feel free to contact Bruce Phillips from Foundry Press today on 01403 216120 or email info@foundry-press.co.uk for a no-obligation chat, and find out how you could enjoy any of the marketing items listed above adapted to suit your business.