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Choosing the right Print Supplier for your Business

There are literally millions of printing companies to choose from when you are wanting to source a reliable printer to assist with producing your business material and collateral. Each trying to entice you with offers on leaflets and flyers, promotional prices for printed brochures and company newsletters, along with deals for start-up companies with corporate stationery packages. So, who do you choose?

Cost is obviously one factor when sourcing the right print supplier but so are reliability and the quality of the service and end product. It’s ideal to put some effort into choosing your print supplier carefully as otherwise it’s a waste of time and money. Put your money to work and choose wisely.

So how do sort the wheat from the chaff and chose the printer that will hopefully be right for you and your business?

Hopefully the few pointers below will be of some help:

Visit their website
Maybe a little obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t carry out this little bit of research. You should always look around a prospect suppliers’ website to see what print accreditation’s they may have as well as finding out what services they offer and taking note of the overall design of the site. This can be very telling on it’s own. If the website looks amateurish, contains text errors but not much information on their history, services or prices then you have cause for concern. Do they have social media links? If so then connect and follow them for a little while. See what they post and how personable they seem to be. Do they have a blog and are the post of interest to the industry. Take your time around the site and see what they have to say about themselves.

Read Reviews
Look at online reviews and business information when choosing your print supplier. While online reviews are valuable, also take them with a grain of salt. Don’t always believe everything that you read but do pay attention to what has been said. Refer back to the print company’s website and see if they have any client testimonials. If so, then it is perfectly acceptable to contact them explaining that you a re looking for a reputable print supplier and found their details from the printing company’s website. If the testimonial is true then they should be delighted to promote the print companies services.

Services Offered
Research the services a print supplier offers. A wide variety of products and print services, as well as options for those services, is ideal. Choose the printing company that offers a variety of finishes, die-cuts and products, such as business cards, flyers and magnets. Having everything under one roof is easiest when you are doing large-scale products or printing different types of projects. They may not print and produce all of the items in-house but they will have contacts and can print manage the projects for you. Refer back to their website and see if they have a Plant List. This will give you a good indication to what they can produce in-house.

Print Samples
While shopping around for services, it’s crucial to ask for print samples of their work. Try to request samples that match the type of work you are wanting produced. There is no point in receiving a sample of their most prestigious brochure when you are simply wanting corporate stationery produced.

Walk before you Run
Try placing a small order with your favoured print supplier first, before you decide to jump in with your large order. Note how the procedure went; were they helpful? did they offer advice? was it printed and delivered on time? are you happy with the quality?

Build a Relationship
When you are happy with your choice of print supplier then ask to have a meeting with them. Most print suppliers will offer a free consultation and you can use this to your advantage. This is your opportunity to discuss your long term requirements. Give them a diary of events or publications that you are wanting to produce. It will help them manage your requirements as well as scheduling the press time prior to the project. This foresight can also be advantageous in bartering for discounts on prices for larger or reoccurring orders.

Make them part of your Team
A reputable print supplier will want to assist with your project where necessary so make sure they are considered as part of your team. Talk to them about your projects and requirements as they will have the knowledge and experience to steer you correctly. They should be able to offer advice on printing, paper stocks and weights, print finishes and bespoke items, folder construction and artwork templates, direct mail and campaign fulfillment, print personalisation, storage for large print orders, printed promotional items etc.

Do they have a guarantee to reassure you and safeguard you against disaster?

Find out if they have an in-house design department. If so then they may offer this as part of the service. Not only will you benefit from having a print experienced designer working on your project but it’s a good fall back if there is an issue with your artwork as they will be able to troubleshoot this in-house.

Remember that while price is important it is not crucial. What is crucial is the quality of the product. For any business sending out inferior or shoddy and cheap looking marketing material to potential clients is the quickest way of making a bad impression!

We hope that after reading this post you feel better equipped for sourcing and appointing a print supplier for your business print requirements …. and we hope that you pick Foundry Press – the favoured and friendly award winning green printers of Sussex